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For 2013, the Hudson Street Hooligans are getting back to their roots and putting the emphasis back on making Columbus Crew Stadium the most intimidating stadium for opposing teams in Major League Soccer.

There are many changes to the Hudson Street Hooligan’s membership package for 2013. This year all HSH memberships will be just $5. Included in the cost of membership are Columbus Crew ticket discounts, exclusive invitations to HSH events, pre-order access to HSH apparel, early access to HSH/NorOnTour road trips and many other members-only benefits. Memberships can be purchased at HudsonStreetHooligans.com, at each pre-game tailgate or any other HSH event.

2013 Hudson Street Hooligans t-shirts will be available to HSH members in early February for $20 each. This year’s shirts will be locally designed and produced, and will emphasize HSH’s “Back to Basics” philosophy. HSH will sell much more apparel throughout the year, with paying members having exclusive early access.

Buying single-game Columbus Crew tickets from the Hudson Street Hooligans has been simplified for 2013. HSH will no longer take non-paid reservations via any social media outlet. Instead, members who wish to guarantee themselves tickets are encouraged to order ahead of time from HudsonStreetHooligans.com for pick-up at the HSH pre-game tailgate. Members who do not wish to place ticket orders online will be able to buy tickets at the HSH tailgate on a first-come, first-served basis. Single game tickets will be available both online and in person at a special members-only price of $20 each. Non-members can purchase tickets for $25.

The Hudson Street Hooligans are also offering their members Columbus Crew season ticket packages again for 2013, this year with deffered payment plan. A 50% down payment is required for all season ticket-purchases through HSH, with the second 50% being deffered until June 1st, 2013. Included with your 2013 HSH season ticket package is a complimentary Hudson Street Hooligans membership and early access to tickets for other events at Crew Stadium. Full-season ticket pricing, availability and more details will be announced in the near future.

There is much more information coming as we approach the 2013 Columbus Crew season including details about away watch parties, ticket and shirt availability and the Official Bar of the Hudson Street Hooligans!

The Hudson Street Hooligans are very excited to get Back to Basics in 2013 and hope that you’ll join us in putting the emphasis back on Columbus Crew soccer!


  1. Scott Fotheringham

    Hey Chris, what’s with you trashing on Rubys. Seems like you are the one that stinks, I just don’t understand what you are try to say and or start. We are and always will be the original Crew bar on campus and we have always done whatever we could to cater to the club! You should have talked to me in person when there may have been problems in the past instead of taking cheep shots on the web months or years later. I hope slandering a buisness and people that have done nothing but support soccer in our town serves your purpose. I think it’s bush league!

  2. Jim

    Chris, thanks for replying. You guys do great work arranging all this and I guess I am just stubborn to the old days of pre gaming at the bar before matches. Hopefully there will be a few people at Hendocs pregaming before as I know I will be.

  3. Caleb Rowe

    I have enjoyed both Ruby’s and the tailgates. However, the tailgate is MUCH more convenient for those of us who do not live in Columbus. It’s tough for me and my group to get from Dayton to Columbus in time to enjoy ourselves at a pub then hop over to the game. Those of us from outta town, and the couple guys from outta state, really appreciate having options. Thanks.

    • Chris LaMacchia

      Actually, Rob, yes. We usually get around 100 people at our tailgate, and Crew Union gets a similar – if not larger – number at theirs. Add to those the La Turbina, YNA and Einheit tailgates and the other random parties that spring up there are probably close to 500 Nordeckians in the parking lot for each pregame. Sounds like you haven’t been in a while, why not come check it out?

  4. Jim

    Hopefully ” getting back to our roots” means meeting at rubys to pregame and a marching over. IMO the tailgate is not very HSH like.

    • Chris LaMacchia

      What is it about tailgating that isn’t very HSH like, Jim? There’s beer and a cookout, which is about the same as we had at Ruby’s back in the early days. The only thing that’s different is the smell. Sure, we may not be able to march up 4th street causing a holy ruckus and come over the tracks with flags waving and smoke billowing, but no one has done that in a while. The sad fact is that the new generation of Hooligans seem to prefer the tailgate, so that’s the direction we’re taking.

      For those of us that don’t like to stand in a hot parking lot in the middle of July (and I’m right there with you on that one), HSH will have plenty of members at Hendoc’s enjoying the air conditioning and cold beer.

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